What are Photography Playdays?

Photography Playdays:

What are they and why did they start?

The idea of hosting monthly photography playdays was planted as a seed back in the day when we just started playing the field of photography.

Having chatted with a variety of photographers, models, and other creatives over time, we discovered what a desperate need there was for creatives to learn from each other the way artists should.

Eventually, after doing lots of research on the subject, we came up with the idea of organizing a day for creatives to safely meet up and get to know each other while learning, networking, creating new connections, and evolving as a creative artist.

Model Photography
Model Photography

We dubbed it ‘Photography Playdays’ because it was the first thought that came to mind; the words also seemed to describe a day of relaxation and participation: “a creative holiday” perfectly.

Why & how?

On our first few playdays, we started hosting small group events while spending time forming the perfect “playday” recipe (in our opinion) that is fun, relaxing, and lets your mind run free. In saying this, our main goal was to create a day that each person can benefit from in the end.

Model Photography

So, whether you plan on joining a photography playday as a model, photographer, make-up artist or hairstylist, designer or videographer; these days are created keeping you in mind. Not only do you have the opportunity to network and create, but this is also your chance to push limits, sneak out of your comfort zone, and learn to adapt to differences brought on by the day’s events.

When joining one of our photography days you can expect a relaxed, but nicely planned out and structured event. Enjoy a day filled with heaps of opportunity and the space to work with a bunch of diverse like-minded individuals.

Ultimately, we want you to know that we host these photography playdays every month. We welcome each and every one to show interest by filling out a contact form on our website.

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