SN Photography: Our Collective Beginning

Our Collective Beginning

How we got to where we are today

Stefan van Deventer started his own Photography Company 10 years ago to fulfill his life-long dream of becoming a full-time portrait photographer.

Luck struck when he got his first film camera at the young age of 11, he started taking photos and became hooked after the first photo he captured; unfortunately, his camera got stolen in a robbery and he figured he’d have to save up for a couple of years to be able to afford a new one.

He got his second camera when he was 16 years old, and slowly started easing himself into the photography game. Progressively, he began to realize that each time he picked up his camera he could capture and showcase authentic things from his perspective.


Slowly but surely, Stefan started learning more about photography in his free time, and eventually taking photos became a daily hobby for him. He gained a lot of experience and knowledge over the years and started making excellent progress.

After spending time in learning the skills required to make a living out of Photography, he decided to make it official and start working on his photography brand, dubbed ST Photo.


He jumped back into the corporate world after receiving an opportunity of becoming an IT Professional for one of the leading brands in South Africa, he decided to embark on a new business venture.

His passion for photography grew each day and he continued pursuing it as a hobby and just something he took on during his free time.

Cape Town Photographer
Image: Stefan van Deventer captured by Photographer, Martin Deysel.
Studio Photography
Image: Nikki van Deventer captured in studio by ST Photo, now known as SN Phototgraphy

A couple of years down the line he met his soul mate, Nikki, the couple fell madly in love and eventually got married. You could see the two of them were made for each other. Since then they have been working together hand-in-hand on new and exciting projects.

As a team, their Photography journey continued as a hobby apart from their normal day-jobs. 

“It gave us time to blow off some steam, the corporate world is a nightmare at times! Photography helps us de-stress and connect more as a couple.”

Over time, the couple realized that business on the photographic side needed a change, and decided that a complete brand revamp was necessary. After many evenings of brainstorming and strategizing, at some point, they came up with the idea of placing their initials together and adding ‘Photography’ to it.

Excited to embark on this new journey, they started putting heads together to work on projects that suited both their styles, creating something wonderful on each shoot, and of course, generating more work for their photography business.

After 4 years of being happily married and settled in Gauteng, Stefan and Nikki were both in need of a change of scenery and decided to head off to the Western Cape for the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

“Our Mother City is filled with interesting people, beautiful locations, and amazing food – you can call it a photographer’s dream!”

Ever since they started enjoying this wonderful adventure together, their passion for photography and each other has continued growing more each day.

Photography Couple
Image: Stefan & Nikki van Deventer captured by Hugo Schutte
Model Photography
Image: Model, Kiana Pronk captured by SN Photography

Photography has allowed these two creative individuals a platform to express their artistic vision while being able to share it with the world. They carry such fond memories of each adventure experienced together, and in the end, it was all due to viewing life through a new lens.

“We believe that we both discovered a new passion in life, something that for the first time in our lives, we felt like we could continue pursuing forever.”

Photography Couple
Image: A ‘Selfie’ captured in 2019 on top of the magnificent Table Mountain in the Western Cape.

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