70 Days around South Africa in a Suzuki Swift – Part 1

Taking a Suzuki Swift around South Africa - Part 1

“You won’t be able to get anywhere"

“It’ll be very powerless and slow, especially that packed”.

That’s just some of the comments we received when we said our plan was to pack our little car and tour around the whole of South Africa, I mean what did we expect, a little 1.2 packed to the brim with supplies, the roof-racks fully loaded to set off on our tour around the country, not knowing what to expect – excited as hell and full of anticipation!

Leaving Cape Town with a mere 20 000km’s on the clock we decided to start our trip by going around the Cape Peninsula keeping as close to the coastline as we possibly can, making sure we have what we need for the road ahead, confidently we filled up and left for Sutherland. 470km through the valleys we drove into this mystical little town in the middle of nowhere under the beautiful Karoo sky.

Without realizing that fuel is only available until 12pm on a Sunday, we unfortunately ended up having to leave the town without being able to fill up first. By now, we’ve done about 530km’s, the car still has some fuel so shouldn’t be an issue right? Or so we hoped…

Leaving Sutherland

On the beautiful 113km stretch of valleys to Matjiesfontein, thinking that we will fill up there to head back to the coast, what a surprise that the ‘petrol station’ Google showed ended up being 3 disconnected pumps that were taken out of production a VERY long time ago. In the end, feeling very optimistic we decided to ask the friendly people in The Transport Museum if they know of any fuel nearby, just to be informed that the closest fuel stop would be in Laingsburg, which is another 30km’s drive from us.
+ 1
Old Pumps
- 1
KM's avail


What do you mean Google was wrong? They said you have fuel?

Now, let us do some basic math; the car is rated to do an average of 755km’s in optimal conditions, which we haven’t been driving in, we have only gotten around 500km’s on the previous 3 tanks before heading to Sutherland, we are currently standing on 650km’s on this tank, no fuel in the Jerry Can, as it shouldn’t be required, yet, or so we thought. Starting the drive up to Laingsburg, debating who will be taking the walk for fuel, who will stay with ALL our stuff while silently hoping and praying we make it, ended up NOT being one of the most stressful times on the tour, but definitely stays way up in the ranks. In saying this, we free-wheeled our way into Laingsburg Shell Ultra City (a life-saver) for some fuel, refreshments and a well-deserved 2 seconds away from the steering wheel.
Some Photos

Showing you a little of what we saw

With our fuel stop adding a little over 2 hours delay on our plans we jumped back on the road ready for the trip down to the most The Southern Tip of Africa! Another 320km’s and some interesting sights later, we find ourselves in Cape Agulhas, what else do you do than visiting the most Southern Point of South Africa to watch the last rays of the Sun get ready to disappear over the horizon. Not feeling done with traveling for the day we decided to have dinner, fill up and brave it on through the night and add another 500km to our day’s trip alongside the coast, ending up in towns where the road just ends all of a sudden is always fun, except when it’s 3AM and you realize that you have just spent almost an hour on a single road, that you will be returning on again shortly, for no specific reason other than wanting to stay next to the coast, staying as close to or on the border of our beautiful country. All things considered, we couldn’t ask for better, our ‘teeny-tiny’ Suzuki was an absolute dream on the road, and if we could go back in time we would make the exact same choices and still take her on the road with us. This was some of the highlights from the first week of our trip around the country, keep an eye on the SN Photography Facebook Page for part 2 – coming soon!

We are currently in Gauteng.

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